Asphalt & Concrete Repair for Garland, TX

Welcome all Garland, TX property owners. Whether repairing a simple pothole to restore the integrity of your parking surface or rebuilding a damaged curb, Cleaner Image can provide a complete array of concrete and asphalt services with our in-house equipment and reliable employee base. We’ll give your Garland property a professional appearance.

Garland is Dallas County’s second largest city, providing lots of opportunities to attract new customers with a clean and professional look. So whether you own a Garland-based sports complex, warehouse, movie theater, retail shop, or any property that needs to make a strong first impression, let our concrete repair specialists help you win that next customer.

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Common pavement repairs needed for properties in Garland:

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  • Asphalt repair
  • Concrete and curb repair
  • Overlays

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Cleaner Image has been providing properties in Garland, TX area with concrete and asphalt repair for over a decade.